Kashrus & Meals

No expenditure is spared to ensure that the kashrus standards will meet or exceed the criteria of our orthodox guest.
Specially on Pesach, and during the Summer as well


No kitniyos, No gebrokts, and only costly hand-matzos will be used. Under the strict hashgacha of R A. Y. Schwartz of Vienna, you can rest easy knowing that your judishkeit is not being sacrificed for comfort. 

R’ Schwartz only authorizes usage of top-certified kosher brands, ensuring that every bite that
enters your mouth would strictly and mehudardig Kosher.


The cuisine at the Alpen-Karawanserai Hotel is simply unparalleled. Our professional chefs have been carefully selected for their ability to create the most mouth-watering gastronomical delights. 


With years of experience and expertise in their field, our culinary staff ensures that you will enjoy daily a heimish, memorable and delicious meals and seudas. Their beautifully presented and plated masterpieces are sure to delight the most discerning of palates.
Visit us in the Kosherhotel for Pesach in Austria