Kosher Hotel in Austria since 12 years

We started in 2003 with our first kosher venue at my parent's hotel "the Blumenhotel" in 2008 till 2010 we allowed our vision of a very special hotel to come true and so we rebuilt the hotel and changed the name to "Alpen-Karawanserai Time Design Hotel".

It was important to us to make even a better hotel especially for our many returning Jewish customer. We invested a lot of commitment and money in Kosher kitchens, the large Spa areas with separate pools and saunas and a real koshere Mikweh.

There is now room here for your own individuality. It's relaxed and casual, but with the maximum comfort and service.

For us, basic values such as honesty, fairness and transparency are important - not only in our guests but in our team too. We believe it's the only way to create an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect and the development of a very special relationship.

My exceptional thanks goes on this way to my Rav A. Y. Schwartz and Rabbi A. Spitzer from Vienna, for there patience and trust in me as a person and my project. Also to Rachel Horowitz Antwerpen and Shmuel Pollak from Vienna and of course to all our friends and returning customers from all over the world. 

Thank you and "an groissn Shkojach"

Stefan Sommerbichler with Family