Includes Service

  • 3 Gourmet Glatt Kosher Meals a Day 
  • Contemporary Classics, Traditional Favorites, Local Specialties
  • Box Lunches for Offsite Excursions like Skiing or snowboarding or sighting trips
  • Specialty Wines, Passover Traditions, Two Complete Seders
  • Time Design philosophy for you to wind down, here and now
  • Relax in the pools and sauna from early in the morning until late in the evening
  • Outdoor pool with Mechizah.
  • All-round wellness and energy treatments for body and mind
  • Fitness center- gym
  • Coffee, tea and cakes 24 hours
  • Beth Midrash with Sfurin and Sefer Torah
  • Own real Kosher Mikweh (Regenwasser and Brunnenwasser) Daily for men (morning), erev Shabbes till afternoon. (Mikweh on apointment ervery night at 22.00)
  • Separate spa area and pools for men and women
  • Nat´lan in every room, beds can be separate
  • Glatt kosher under the supervision of the Kashrus Komitees Khal Yisroel Rabbi A. Y. Schwartz, Vienna

We looking forward to see you in the Kosher Hotel in Austria!